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Working Alone


Protect Your Business & Staff in High Risk Environments

Do you or your staff work in a high-risk environment? These environments could include working:

  • Alone with the public.
  • With money or other valuables.
  • With potentially dangerous equipment.
  • Or traveling in an isolated location.
  • In extreme weather conditions.
  • Working where alcohol is served.

 If so, your business is required by law do develop a written procedure and conduct it during each shift to ensure employees are safe throughout their shift. Our Working Alone program can do this for your company. Our trained and caring staff will check in with your staff at predetermined times to ensure their well-being.

Increase Staff Comfort

Safety is always a consideration among both existing staff and potential hires. We can also provide video monitoring of your sites and location to help check on your staff. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep your business compliant and provide your staff with an additional level of comfort.