Spot Monitoring


Our Communication Device

Spot monitoring uses a communication device that allows employees working alone, or working out of cellphone range, to share their status with our live operators.

We can help you choose the right device and follow-up action for your business. Our GPS enabled service can track worker location, which is critical information in the case of trouble. Our solutions also let employees check in with us manually. Timers and automatic checks can be set up to monitor their interactions and send alerts when necessary. We would love to be part of your safety procedures, no matter what your industry or needs.

Emergency Situations

We’ll get your company ready for an emergency, determining a plan of action with you before you ever need it. Together, we’ll identify who we need to call, what we need to do, and what can be done to keep and emergency from becoming a disaster. We’ll even test the plan to ensure it works seamlessly.

We’ll provide the response, dispatching and human touch that are required. The plan will be followed and the right calls and steps made.

Employees can also signal an emergency situation with the device. We monitor and track the devices, ensure staff have checked in and dispatch help in the case of an emergency. The spot monitoring device will let us know just where the employee is.

We’ll give you and your employees peace of mind with the right device, the right software, and the right monitoring staff.