About Us:

Amtrak Communications Incorporated (formerly known as Amtrak Answering Service Ltd.) has been serving Saskatchewan since 1999.  Back in 1979, Ernie Cherepuschak brought the “Amtrak Communications Ltd.” name to Saskatchewan and planted the roots of a family company with strong commitment to their customers and the community.  In 2005, the two-way radio and cellular division was sold, but the answering service business continued under the Amtrak values.

Due to the direction our answering service is going, the Cherepuschak family decided to bring back ‘Amtrak Communications’ Incorporated as this better describes today’s company.  Under the vision of Ernie and Lesia Cherepuschak, the company still runs with customer service as its utmost importance.

Since 2005, Amtrak uses the ‘state of the art’ Szeto system (the first in Saskatchewan) to serve our clients in a more professional and efficient manner.  Today, we proudly service clients throughout the Prairies 365 days per year.

Yes, at Amtrak we use technology to get the message to you – our client.....but, your customer receives a personal live greeting!


Talk soon....

Patty (Cherepuschak) Huculak